JRR Group is the world’s leading Blockchain Technology Group, focusing on worldwide blockchain investment and Open Financial Ecosystem development. We invest in early-stage ventures to late-stage companies, across blockchain infrastructures, regulated exchanges, medias, protocols, open financial platforms and other branch areas. 

JRR Group has assembled elite veterans who have domain expertise ranging from traditional finance to legal/policy engagement to blockchain industry. We provide industry-wide network, technical support, and capital required to help the promising projects to flourish.

JRR Group is comprised of three divisions: 

JRR Capital is a venture fund under JRR Blockchain Technology Group, committed to exploring potential breakout blockchain projects and creating value for the industry. Focusing on in-depth cooperation via primary investment, JRR Capital has to date invested more than 40 projects in the primary market.

JRR Consulting is a brand of strategic consulting and technology solutions. It offers services like blockchain technical solutions, economical prototype designs, mergers and acquisitions, as well as marketing strategies to engage customers in an effective way. JRR Consulting committed to providing expertise and key skills to clients to help them achieve their technical, financial and strategic goals. 

JRR Creative Labs is a leading incubator aimed at creating a tailor-made bundle of benefits that help startups to evolve and scale. It specializes in providing projects with venture capital, technology solutions, community management, marketing strategies, legal/compliance consulting and a broad spectrum of other services as well as world-class resources.

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